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IMPORTANT: The new MediaWiki site is currently up! All content on this wikia has already been transferred to the new site. All new edits and contributions are being made on that page, meaning that this wikia is now OUTDATED! Please visit the new site for more information!

This site is now, officially, dead. No new contributions should be made here. Please visit for the new wiki site! I expect to see all of you there! Let's all keep having fun enjoying our glorious waifu simulator!

With a new site, there's a lot more projects and development in the works, such as a large-scale girl/card/sprite database for the game. In order to help support all this, create an account over on the new wiki and help contribute information! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even if you don't think you have much to contribute, feel free to join as a member of the foreign-speaking GF Kari player base!

If for some reason, you find information on this wikia that is missing on the new site, contact an admin (i.e. Erina) and we'll figure things out. Thanks!

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