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This is a slightly outdated page that is no longer necessary to use while playing Girlfriend Kari.

Basically, Girlfriend Kari used to REQUIRE you to be on a mobile device in order to play the game. However, not everyone has a working mobile device, so a few options were created so that you could get around the limitation.

In other words, these tactics change Google Chrome to become a mobile version, so you can access the mobile version of various sites on the internet.

This isn't necessary anymore to play GF Kari since the game now natively supports all versions of Google Chrome, but in case you wanna know how to do things like this, this page still exists!

Browser Edition (computer)

There are some extra steps we have to take here in order to trick the game into thinking that your computer is actually a mobile device. After we get that set up, the steps to logging on are the same as the mobile browser edition.

Using Native Google Chrome Support (Only affect the current tab)

Chrome Emulate Device

  1. Press F12 or open the Developer Tools, it'll open dev. screen like shown above at the bottom of your screen
  2. Click on the Show Drawer button (see picture above)
  3. Go to emulation tab, device, choose mobile device for emulation, click Emulate...
  4. You can modify your resolution at screen menu...
  5. Type in address bar to open GF Kari

Using Social Game Viewer

Ss (2014-07-23 at 11.56.21) (1).png
  1. You NEED to be using Google Chrome!
  2. Install the Social Game Viewer plugin for Chrome.
  3. Click on the Japanese hiragana thing that appeared (the icon for Social Game Viewer), and select between Android or iPhone as your browser emulation.
    1. This basically tricks the websites that you go into into thinking that you're actually on a mobile android or mobile iOS device.
  4. Check the checkbox when you're ready to start emulating!
  5. Now, do the same steps as the mobile browser edition to start running the game on your computer!

A warning, however: You WILL want to uncheck the box after playing girlfriend kari, otherwise ALL other internet sites will show up as their mobile edition, which can become quite frusturating.

So, pretty easy right? Now, let's finally start talking about the game itself!

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